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Yury Antonov
Yury Antonov, manager of museum, present:
  History of the plant Red Star


Seeder universal pneumatic УПС-12
Seeder universal pneumatic УПС-12

Grain seeder СЗ-5,4
Grain seeder СЗ-5,4

Self-propelled mower СКП-01
Self-propelled mower СКП-01


In 1929 at a factory first is created in USSR a tractor seeder. In August, 1941 a factory evacuated in the Penza area, where on the basis of the unfinished sugar factory the factory on release of an ammunition was organized. So the enterprise «Belinskselmash» has arisen, where are made some seeders.

During the Great Patriotic War more than 84% of the industrial areas of a factory «Red Star» was destroyed. At once after clearing of Kirovograd from german-fascist (January 8, 1944) the factory began to build up, and up to the end of year 262 seeders and plenty of an ammunition were made. Within war 658 workers from factory were killed on fronts, more than 1000 men were awarded with awards and medals, and 12 men are awarded with a rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

During the Soviet time the factory «Red Star» made 52% grain and 100% of corn, beet and vegetable seeders in common release of these machines in the Soviet Union. The factory is awarded for the powerful contribution to maintenance of an agriculture by sowing engineering by an Award of a Labour Red Banner in 1966 and Award of October Revolution in 1974.

Since 1927, the factory exports seeders. Only for past war years is shipped more 50 thousand seeders in 60 countries of the world. At the international exhibitions and fairs of a seeder of a factory have received 11 gold and silver medals. With the maximum award «Grand prix» are awarded: in 1929 threshing-maghine CO- 28 in Libava (Latvia), in 1937 a seeder Т-7 in Paris, in 1958 a seeder СУЛ-48 in Bruxelles. Since 1945, the factory has made: in 1961 — million, in 1971 — two-million, and in 1983 — three-million seeder.


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